Wednesday morning

Good morning all well I've done it again slept in till really late.  I was awake in the night for a while having had a nightmare where I was in transit but had lost all my paperwork passport the lot so I woke in a state of meltdown.  In the end I put my TV on with some garbage burbling away in the background I soon fell asleep again.  I had a really lazy day yesterday and did all but nothing except have a nice face time chat with my sister.  Lunch was soup and a sandwich so no real cooking there and supper was a chinese takeaway.  

When I opened my bedroom door this morning I was greeted by blinding sunlight and some added warmth from the sun.  Doesn't a bit of sunshine make a difference to the way you feel? as I am typing my window cleaner is here so we are getting sunshine indoors as well.  The patio doors look lovely but it will be no more that 5 minutes before Dan comes and puts his nose on the window and leaves a nice print.  There is only one problem with sunshine it shows all the dust!!!!

Today I have a couple of phone calls to make I cancelled my dental appointment when my sinuses were so bad so that needs reinstating and I need to make an appointment to have my nails done.  It seems only yesterday that I had them done but when I looked back in the diary it was three weeks ago so time to have them done.  Nails grow at the rate of 3mm per month so that is just enough to leave a door step in the coating.  

Denzil is out on an early shift so he will be back for lunch and the cod which was to be last night's supper has been shunted on to lunch today.  Then I will need to look for something for supper and as my freezer is full there should be something easy if I have a bit of a root around.  

Well time for a second cup of coffee and get myself in order then I can get stuck into the household chores.  I am still dithering with what to do whether it would be in my interest to have a professional cleaning company come in a do a deep clean or to do it myself.  I would like to have a sort of fresh start so all I need to do is keep it up rather than start from scratch.  The house is not that bad but it is messy and I would love to see a bit of clear space but with two adult males in the house who are completely oblivious to mess it is no easy task.  The dogs don't care the boys don't care it is only me that seems to notice.  Is this a female thing?

Anyway one thing is for sure sitting here typing will not get anything done so I had better close and get moving.
P.S. feather broach arrived yesterday added to shooting hat

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