Wednesday Morning

Good morning all.  Well I am in a state of guilt as now I feel I really should have made the effort to go with Dan but thank goodness he didn't know or he would never forgive me.  However I really wasn't up to much and if I manage to get him organised with some gundog training maybe he can do a bit more next season.  He would make a wonderful dog for a lone hunter as he does his 30 yard search with such regularity and would never flush a bird that was out of the guns reach.

We have been relegated to various rooms you don't realise how much you use the hall until it is out of bounds.  I had to move a bookcase to allow the painter to do the skirting board.  The books are all reference works which of course are now redundant and just sit there collecting dust even the charity shops don't want them so I might have to bite the bullet and just take them to the tip.  This feels like a crime  but I really dont know what to do with them and they are just collecting dust.  I haven't opened one of them in years so they really are useless to me.  I'm very glad that I got rid of all my medical books as soon as I retired at least they were current and anatomy doesn't change much the heart is still in the chest!!!!  I vividly remember a surgeon doing an operation with an open anatomy book at his side to refer too.  Doesn't fill you with confidence!!!!!

Now as you know I have paid some solicitors to do the paperwork for Mikes will and they sent me through a letter and some documents which need to be signed.  Glaring errors including last years date on the most important bit.  This was a great opportunity for me to get on my high horse and give them a piece of my mind.  If you charge shed loads then the least you can do is get things right.  I reminded them that in my line of business if I made such stupid thoughtless errors I could have killed people and I was paid a pittance for the privilege. The first time my Dad saw a salary slip of mine he couldn't understand what was going on as my gross salary was less than he paid in tax.  When I worked in theatre I was convinced that the senior consultant thought the staff came with all the other equipment and I will forever remember his face when I introduced him to Mike who had had to wait three hours for me to be able to leave.  Mikes only comment you 'oh so you are the reason my dinner is late every night".  He was speechless Mike had forgotten to tug his forelock and showed no signs of being impressed!!! He was so used to groveling house staff it came as quite a shock.

I know I have readers all over the place but I didn't realise that Dan's mum and dad have also become hooked.  I really will have to try and get some nice footage so they can see just what a lovely boy he has become.  However I am embarrassed for his mum [dog groomer/ dog shower/ breeder] to see him looking like a white and orange schnauzer.   If I leave him with his long coat I run into so many problems with burrs and then he has a horrid time while I try and get them out with a dematting comb which is the only implement I have found for the job.  He goes crazy trying to bite them out then they stick in his mouth - awful better he wears just his underpants.

Today Elaine is coming over for lesson in pheasant plucking.  OK I have to do this don't I

I am not a pheasant plucker, I am a pheasant pluckers son
and I am only plucking pheasants until the pheasant plucker comes.

This of course is what you get drunks to say in which case it turns out rather badly.  Lets hope I make a better fist of the actual job.

Now I can hear the bins calling me so it is out in the rain I go and get them out for the bin men Oh and happy February everyone.
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