Tuesday morning

Good morning all, the weather here is pretty chilly and wet.  It does nothing by way of cheering me up.  I was watching the right stuff yesterday where they had a lady talking about insomnia.  She came up with some interesting ideas.  She suggested that if you have been lying in bed for 20 minutes you should get up, do something then go back and try again. The other idea which is helpful is to listen to a story.  I tried this last night and downloaded an audiobook from the library. I put my iPad under my pillow and was out cold in minutes.  When I came to at 5 to take my antibiotics it was still droning away merrily.  I was surprised that the battery had lasted the night. I did very little yesterday and just pottered about.  By the time I had showered and made myself respectable I was knackered.  I changed my bed and got the sheets into the washing machine.  Oh it is just gorgeous to get into a freshly made bed.  Dan decided to keep me company but he takes up most of the bed so he didn't stay long as neither of us was comfortable.

I have no real plans for the day I am just ticking over though I feel better I am quite weak and quickly run out of gas.  I don't feel much like cooking as I still don't have much of an appetite. Both boys are at home today so I will happily hand the baton to them. The only thing I fancy is soup and I am eating natural yogurt to counteract the antibiotics gut effects.  I am hoping that a couple more days should see me back up to running speed.  

Today is pancake day so I will run up some batter.  I like mine with sugar and lemon.  How do you like yours?
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