Tuesday Morning

Good morning all and yes it is a good morning I slept like the dead last night what a relief!!!  I was walking around in a daze yesterday and managed to get myself really confused.  I knew that my nail appointment was after Denny had been but I forgot she had changed the day.  So after she left I set off for the nail place only to find out my appointment is for today.  What an idiot!!!!  I suppose I can be forgiven as I had had a completely sleepless night and was definitely not firing on all cylinders. Anyway the house is clean and the laundry is up to date I have had a veal tongue soaking in brine overnight and now it is in the pressure cooker - once cooked I am intending to serve it with a tuna sauce and some courgettes.  The other meal will be pasta bolognese nice and easy and quick so probably lunch.  I think this is the last of my frozen bolognese so time to make another batch.  

I was watching James Martin making soup de poisson and I have all the ingredients bar some fish. The fish monger is open today so I may drop by and collect some suitable fish.  Actually it is the accompaniment that I love, croutons with aioli and gruyere cheese.  I must admit it is one of my restaurant tests if they can make decent soup there is hope.  I once had home made soup in a pub near Brighton and it was so obviously out of a packet I did enquire if the home made bit was the boiling of the kettle.  Lots of red faces!!!!  This is a pet hate of mine it is not that I wouldnt eat the soup but just that I had been misled.  I have had osso bucco which turned out to be a stew and nothing to do with either veal or bones.  In another place I had a paella which was made yellow with turmeric instead of saffron so it tasted more like curry.  Misrepresentation is the problem how can you chose when the information is incorrect.  If in doubt I go for ham egg and chips which should be in the capacity of anyone who can find the kitchen.  I sound like the customer from hell but not so. I also make a point of thanking the kitchen when they get it right.  In fact I broke all the rules at Macknades and wandered down to the kitchen and stuck my head in the door and thanked them for a lovely breakfast. The chefs/cooks looked stunned I think I was probably the first person to go past all the staff only signs and reached the kitchen.  It is because I cook that I appreciate the effort it takes to turn out a superior meal.  I once had an argument with a waitress when I told her that the spaghetti carbonara was not right.  She insisted that is was, in fact she assured me the packet said 4 cheese sauce.  Need I say more!!!! Do you have a pet hate in restaurants?

We are persevering with Tubby and the muzzle he doesn't seem to mind wearing it at home but draws the line at being seen in public!!!!  I am going to get some frankfurters for the next time we try taking him out with it on.  The treats will only be available when the muzzle is on.  Hopefully he will eventually associate the muzzle with good things.  I remember doing this with Basso and feeding him in the car every night so eventually he understood the car was a good thing.  Dan has fallen in love with a new toy James bought. A huge bone toy made of the indestructible rubbery plastic and he now walks around the house carrying it, Tubby is allowed to have it but only for a minute then he gives it back.  I think this is the first thing he has taken for his own.

Well my tongue is now cooked time to set to in the kitchen and finish it off.  Have a good day all I hope you have more exciting weather than us we have dull dull dull.

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