Tuesday morning

Good morning all, a very late start today I woke at 4 but it was just too cold to even think of getting up so I went back to sleep - this is a real novelty, but I for one am not complaining.  Tubby went to the vet yesterday and was given a clean bill of health and has just returned from his first walk for a week.  When Tubby went to the vet yesterday morning Dan sat and howled the walls down I have never heard him really howl but he did yesterday, I think he thought Tubby was being taken for a walk without him.  Fortunately the builders where making so much noise even the howling was inaudible.

Yesterdays roast chicken was, as expected, delicious and I have a portion of chicken meat left, the carcass having been put through the pressure cooker to make soup. So lunch today will be soup and chicken sandwiches. Then for supper I have a "piece of cod which passeth all understanding" in the words of Keith Floyd.  I think it will be nice just plain pan fried and served with some salad.  

Now back to Tubby he has been purchased a muzzle not because he is vicious he is as daft as a brush but there are so many idiots who see a staffy and go into meltdown and start screaming "get your dog away" that with a muzzle on there will be no argument as to who started the shouting match.  It does mean that he will not be able to defend himself but he can run as fast as a greyhound for the first 100 yards. Incidentally you are much more likely to be bitten by a labrador than a staffy.  They have an undeserved reputation which is perpetuated by stupid dog owners of whom there are plenty.  I once had an incident with Basso who was approaching another dog and the owner was going crazy screaming at me to get him away so I let him get to about 6 foot of her the blew my whistle and he turned on his heels and came to me leaving the mad woman with her mouth hanging open.  Barking and rough and tumble is what dogs do it is not a dog fight but people who have dogs as fashion accessories tend to not understand.  In fact all my dogs have been bitten by alsatians at one time or another. Not the dogs fault but the owners who have not bothered to train and socialise their dogs -end of rant.

Well having started the day so late I really should get on and do something.  I was reading something about decluttering and general housekeeping and one of the motos was to set to zero before bed which means that everything has been put back where it belongs before you retire so you start each day with a clean slate rather than a sink of washing up and stuff scattered far and wide.  I like this idea if only I was disciplined enough to carry it out!!!!!  First you need to find where zero is which means a major tidy something that is always lurking at the back of my mind.  I am very inclined to shove things into cupboards and close the door so I can't see the mess.  Spring is coming and I really would like to get some spring cleaning done.  The kitchen cupboards are a mess as is my wardrobe so if I do a bit each day I might eventually get the house tidy.  I am full of good intentions but seldom get round to actually doing the work!!!!

The sun is shining the builders are quiet the house is relatively tidy so time to make a mess!!!!!
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