Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, although I am up I wish I wasn't I had to force myself out of bed this morning.  As you will have noticed I am sleeping much better and later these days.  My blackout curtain keeps my room pitch dark so I think that helps and as we are all adults in the house I don't need to get up unless it is necessary.

My week was stretching out in front of me as a blank canvas but suddenly it is filled with activity. Today Denny is due and also Elaine is going to come and look at the books I am getting rid of so she can have any she wants and she has offered to take the rest to the charity shop if they will take them. I am just happy that they may find a good home rather than end up in the recycle bin or worst case scenario landfill.  I find getting rid of books really difficult but if I am not using them then there is no point in having them. I have sufficient stuff to clean and dust without hanging on to stuff I don't use.

Today I will have to get on with some cooking in anticipation of the people coming this week.  i am going to do Osso bucco for Shiona and I think for Len and Margaret I will make some meat balls in tomato sauce which can sit on the stove and not spoil if they are delayed at the hospital.  Margaret is coming for a lesson in how to order her groceries on line because now that Len is not so good it will make her life so much easier if she can have her supplies delivered.  

Anyway I hear the shower calling me so I had better get on and get dressed before I freeze.  Have a good day.
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