Thursday morning

Good morning all another really cold one the winter seems to be dragging on I really would like the spring to hurry up and arrive.  I don't know how the scandinavians survive with 6 months of darkness I think I might go crazy.  On the other hand I do like the seasons and would hate to live somewhere where it is fine weather all the time that is boring. So perhaps England is the perfect place the weather is seldom boring as it changes too rapidly.

Yesterday's meal was a great success and was demolished with gusto lets hope todays goes just as well.  I bought some salmon which is in the fridge with salt sugar and dill making itself into gravadlax.  Today I must make the mustard and dill sauce to go with it before the dill dies in the fridge.  Once made it will last for quite a while in the fridge and will be ready when we decide to have the salmon.  I think it will take at least 48 hours to cure and be ready to eat.  So tomorrow we could have a very scandinavian meal of rye bread, gravadlax, mustard sauce and a fennel salad.  
Isn't it wonderful that we have access to food from all around the world and being a big food lover it suits me just fine.  Todays meal has its roots in Italy and I am in the throws of organising to make confit duck legs, very French. The only food I find difficult to produce is chinese as I just don't have the powerful heat needed to blast things in a wok but I can get close.  The only cuisine that I am not keen on is middle eastern as I don't really like sweet and savoury together.  However having said that I like pork with prunes and cream so I guess that would fall into that category.  Probably safer to just say I like food!!!!!

Shiona, bless her, sorted out the paperwork and signed her name to the various documents which has saved me a trip to a notary public and extra cost just so they can witness my signature.  Now it is all going off recorded delivery and hopefully that will be the end of that.

I ordered myself and Sandy a pair of cabin bags ready for our trip and mine will get an airing in April when I go to montefino.  They are Ryanair approved so there should be no problems at the airport. They have wheels and a pulling handle so no carrying heavy cases. They are a bit on the small side so I have also booked one case for the hold which Sandy and I can share.  End of May beginning of June should be quite warm in Trieste so no heavy winter coats required, just a jumper for the evenings. 

Well time I got on and made some progress with lunch I have no idea what time my guests are due to arrive so I will get everything on the go so all I have to do is add some heat and lunch will be ready. The meat ball mixture is ready to go and it will take all of 5 minutes to make a tomato sauce.  Pasta takes no time at all so it can all be on standby for when they arrive.   

Have a good day all and keep warm - I have just put the gas fire on to give the room a bit of a boost.

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