Thursday morning

Good morning all if you are looking for strom Doris don't worry she is here with me.  The rain is coming down in torrents and the wind is blowing a gale so I guess it is Doris.  However, there are gaps in the cover and blasts of brilliant sunshine are making their way through.  After being an idiot and leaving the kitchen in a mess yesterday you would have thought I would learn a lesson - too thick.  Yes the kitchen is a mess this morning but it will only take me minutes to rectify so not a disaster just a disappointment and with nobody to blame but myself I have to assume responsibility. Why don't I spend 5 minutes after supper clearing up instead of starting every day with that job? I have cast about looking for an excuse but it boils down to laziness.  By the time supper is done I have run out of enthusiasm.  

On my shopping trip yesterday I bought a box of chicken drumsticks which have been roasted off and today they are going into the soup for lunch.  I thought I would make a thick and hearty chicken soup with loads of vegetables and serve it with hot ciabatta rolls.  So that is one meal dealt with now the burning issue is what is for supper?  perhaps a macaroni/cauliflower cheese might fit the bill.  It is definitely weather for comfort food.

Good news from my sister her friend is going to drive her to the airport to meet me so that I can follow them home.  That will make my life a bit easier but I hope they can be patient as I will have to get used to a car with all the controls in a different place.  I vividly remember a hire car we had once and we drove to the hotel only to find that we had no idea how to put it in reverse.  It was a vauxhall which required the gear stick lifted first.  At the time we were ford people so we had no idea fortunately one of the hotel bell boys knew exactly what to do and helped us out.  I am also reminded of friends who picked up a new car and then couldn't pay a toll charge without getting out of the car because they didn't know how to open the windows.  Anyway I'm sure it will be fine. 
Spring has arrived in Italy just look at the blossom on the almond tree.  After the winter they have had I think everyone is relieved.

Let's hope we are not too far behind it will be nice to see the leaves breaking out on the trees and see the world turn from black and white to colour.  In the meantime keep warm and dry.
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