Thursday morning

Good morning all a bit more of a sensible time this morning.  I am not stressing over my crazy sleeping patterns if I sleep for ages all well and good and if I am up early so be it.  I think it all evens out in the end.  My assumption is that if I am sleeping then I need it.  This has to be one of the very best things about being retired no need to get up early unless you want to.  Perhaps we are meant to sleep more in the winter because it is dark and cold.  I wonder what would happen if we got rid of clocks?  Chaos in the workplace or is it called flexitime.  I still remember getting up late missing the bus and having to run from the olympia where our nurses home was to Hammersmith hospital which is quite some distance.  However, I was 18 and fit it would kill me today. I have just googled it and it is close to 3 miles.  It felt more like 20!!!!  I vividly remember the ward sister on my first ward who would send you to do a job which would take at least an hour if you dared to ask to go off duty one minute before the allotted time.  We learned very quickly to wait for the clock outside her office to strike the correct time!!!!! so much for the good old day they were not that good!!!!!

Today the sun is trying to shine and the temperature is none too bad a 7 degrees there is a gentle breeze blowing so a pleasant enough day.  I am off to see Len and Margaret this afternoon to help them with their computer problems - I am no expert but I know more than they do so I can do a bit to help.  We are trying to get them set up to do online shopping but as Margaret had partially applied the whole thing has gone into meltdown.  I am going to try to get them a new email address and then reapply and hope this clears the log jam.  They are at a stage in their lives when this would be a great boon as Len is getting frail and Margaret doesn't like leaving him alone while she shops. Fingers crossed I get it all functioning for them.  It should make buying the stock items a bit easier not to mention heavy and bulky stuff.

So what is on the menu today well I still haven't got around to doing the cod as Denzil brought home some individual beef wellingtons which we had for supper last night along with a pile of spring greens.  Anyway, I will have another go today and do the fish for lunch.  I need to get to the shops this morning as I am out of potatoes and a few other bits and bobs.  I fancy mash and peas with my fish, it is still too cold for salad!!!!  I am going to try cooking the fish straight from frozen which I believe works well and prevents you overcooking it too quickly.  I will let you know how successful or not I am.

Anyway have a good day all spring is coming but we are not out of the woods just yet!!!!

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