Thursday morning

Elaine having a pheasant preparation lesson with Benji her poodle pup looking on in awe

Dan being introduced to a car full of spaniel bitches - not impressed
we tried to get a photo full face but as the shutter closed so the wind blew and this is the result a face only a mother could love!!!!

Good morning all, today I have good news and bad news let's start with the good.  My banisters have all been painted and the hall really looks lovely and it cost me less than I expected so I am even more delighted.  The lad that did the painting is Gary's son I hope his dad is proud of him he has done a lovely job.  Elaine and one of her daughters came round to have a lesson in pheasant preparation. She gets full marks for being brave and tackling a job that is not the most pleasant but at least her family will have a meal straight from the field to the plate with no messing about or packaging.  She took a bit of stick when she put the photos on her facebook page so I jumped to her defence and reminded people that meat doesn't come in packets.  Anyway, come the revolution she will not starve.  Neither will Benji he got some of the trimmings which were accidentally on purpose dropped on the floor and he had no problem with proper meat.  I vacuum packed the meat so she can poach it slowly in her slow cooker then give it a good browning in a pan of hot butter.  I do so hope they enjoy it.  

Not such good news my sinuses have finally cleared so I was quite chuffed as it was pretty miserable but now it has gone down onto my chest.  I left it for a couple of days in the hope that nature would do its stuff but no such luck.  I am going from sweats to freezing as my temperature is going up and down so I have thrown in the towel and have started the antibiotics I have on standby before it gets any worse.  I hate having to resort to medication but there is a time and place for everything.

I need to get out and do some shopping today and I also need to do some cooking as I have asked Shiona to come over tomorrow and sign all the papers.  I could have gone over to her house but at least this way I can't forget some vital document.  I am hoping that this will be the last lot of stuff to do and we should finally get the paperwork straight.  The number of hoops you have to jump through just to change one christian name on the land registry is quite amazing.  Someone needs to rewrite the rule book.  Thank goodness we got rid of the Learjet, the yacht and the property in the Bahamas!!!!!

Well time I got going - first port of call the freezer for some inspiration.  I am in the mood for comfort food so a stew would fit the bill and I have some lovely veal shin which will do for tomorrow and for lunch today I am going to try a recipe for pasta with kale anchovies and garlic.  Sounds weird but I hope it will be quite nice.

Have a lovely day we have sunshine today and so far it is dry............

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