Friday Morning

Sunset on the last shoot of the season

Good morning all this lovely photo was taken by one of the ladies who picks up at the shoot but also takes photos and this is fabulous.  Every pheasant you see from now on is one that got away.

Shiona is going risk coming over today so I hope I don't give her my chest infection I hope if I keep my distance we should be alright.  The stew I made yesterday is to die for as it is made with veal cheeks and wagyu beef shin so today I am going to make some dumplings for it and serve it with curly kale.  Just what the doctor ordered!!!!

Once I had finished the stew James banished me to my bed and kept me fed and watered.  It will be at least three days before the antibiotics really kick in and I should start to feel a bit more human.  This morning the boys have had to move all the cars so that a concrete mixer lorry can get in and pump in the concrete foundations for next doors new kitchen.  I must say I am pleased the demolition has finished as it was like living in a war zone here while the knocked the building down.  It is the other half of our semi so we got the full benefit of the noise.

I will keep this short as I don't want to get cold sitting in my dressing gown.  It is sunny and dry at the moment but I think we are forecast more rain later. As yet I haven't heard when my garage work is due to start but hopefully it will not clash too much with next doors building work.  Have a good day all I am off to dress warmly!!!!

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