Sunday morning

Good morning all we have sun shine and 8 degrees this morning - lovely.  Yesterdays pizza was a great success the crust was exactly right kind of like an edible paper plate but lovely and crispy so the putting of the dough in fridge overnight seems to be a good trick but you do have to be ahead of the curve and get it done the day before.  I am usually hopeless at things like that I never remember to put beans to soak so I have largely given up buying them in dried form and go for tins instead.  Of course sod's law was operational and Denzil came home with two huge pizza's from Tesco so the boys had one for supper and I think James and I will have the other one for lunch it will be a nice way to make a comparison.  

My car has suffered another donk while it was parked and of course no one leaves a note with their details, anyway a friend of James is going to give it the once over but I must say with a landrover you expect the odd imperfections but it is annoying all the same.  

Months ago Margaret bought me this azelia and it has stood on the kitchen window sill ever since but the amazing thing is that it has been in flower the whole time and seems to be flourishing in its position.  I can't believe it has been flowering throughout the dark dull days of winter, it drinks buckets of water but that is all I have done the rest is down to nature.  I would love to move it to the garden in the spring but I have chalky soil and azaleas like acid so it would have to stay in a pot. Perhaps I should leave it where it is and just repot it into a bigger container with some fresh ericaceous compost. The avocados and tomatoes are on the sill in the hope that they will ripen a little in the sunshine.  The little cherry tomatoes leave much to be desired as they are just little bags of sourness and pips with almost no flavour at all.  Roll on summer when we can have some real tomatoes grown in the sunshine and fresh air.  Just because you can grow them in December doesn't mean you should.

I am a little worried that the weather is a false dawn, we are not yet out of February so there could still be plenty of winter weather yet to come.  March can be very cold and windy so I don't think it is time to put away the winter gear just yet.  

Now here is a thought provoking idea which has been running around in my head.  Should there be a cut off point for voting just as there is a minimum age.  Just because you are old it doesn't follow that you are wise and the voting largely affects the younger generation who are out at work earning. Should we be handing the baton over to those who will have to live with the consequences for quite some time.  What do you think?
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