Sunday Morning

Good morning all another bitterly cold day but no snow.  Thank goodness for hot coffee and central heating which I have just turned up.  Annabeth I am glad I made your day yesterday I didn't realise the dish was a swiss favourite.  It is certainly a family favourite in this house.  I suppose we are very lucky now with the internet we can get recipes from all around the world. Today we are going German with bratwurst and sauerkraut. Then tomorrow a standard british roast chicken with all the trimmings. No doubt an italian broth with pasta to follow.  I ended up making the macaroni cheese with an assortment of cheeses which were languishing in the fridge emmental, parmesan, cheddar and taleggio which is what I had available.  I also bastardised the fried onions with some lardons of bacon which were lurking in the back of the fridge.  I am inclined to use recipes as guides only and make do with what I have to hand.  I suppose when you have been cooking for as long as I have you get a feel for what goes with what.

I had intentions of making confit duck legs and have a comprehensive set of instructions from a friend in France but as luck would have it Tesco had just one pair of legs which I bought and put in the freezer until I can get a few more.  If push comes to shove they will end up in a casserole and the duck fat will make lovely roast potatoes.  

Tubby is being very good about his bandage and though he doesn't like it he is managing very well on three legs and seems to understand it is for his own good.  He does the most wonderful "whipped puppy" look which is guaranteed to melt the heart.  This way he gets more than his fair share of treats and love and attention.  Dan examined the vets work and has passed it as acceptable so he is leaving it alone.  

Well my kitchen looks as if a bomb has exploded - I think a bit of midnight feasting went on - anyway there is debris as far as the eye can see.  Sometimes washing up is great as you soon get warm with your hands in hot water.  there is always an up side!!!!!
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