Sunday morning

Good morning all.  I don't know about you but I for one am fed up with winter and it woes.  I am hankering to feel the sun on my back and being able to leave windows and doors open.  Bad weather is at least more interesting than the constant grey miserable cold.  Everyone you meet seems to have some bug or another it becomes very depressing.  I guess it is the price we pay for living on this island. Roll on Spring and some sun and warmth.  I have a mahonia opposite my kitchen window which is bursting into bloom and does give me a bit of hope.  I dislike mahonia as a plant but it does its stuff just when you are losing the will to live.  

Poor Tubby has torn a nail and is now a tripod so he has been left at home while Dan goes out with James you should see the look on his face.  He has no idea why he has been left behind - if only he realised it was for his own good, not malice.  He does know that sometimes Dan has to go to the hair dresser or out to work so it is not the first time he has been left behind but he looks so miserable poor little sod.  I think a couple of treats and a cuddle are in order.  He is sitting by the front door hoping and hopping.  

I have no real plans for today it is Denzil's long day so it will be just James and I for lunch and dinner. Something quick and easy like fried egg on toast, beans or cheese on toast.  I think I will make flamenco eggs for all of us for breakfast as I already have the pepper, tomato and onion concoction ready so all I need to do is put some heat under it and crack in some eggs.  

Both Denzil and James are coughing like troupers so I guess I have passed on my chest or maybe they gave it to me anyway it seems to be a family affair.  Fortunately they are young and better able to shake these things off than I am.  We seem to just pass things round and round ad infinitum.  

Tomorrow I will have to go on a coffee expedition and both Sandie and Elaine are going to join me so I think a nice breakfast is in order.  Incidentally Elly did the pheasant breast with a nice rich red wine sauce and not a morsel was left - it was the first time her family had had pheasant but I think it will be something on the menu more often.  Elly keeps her horses at a farm where they shoot so I am sure she should be able to get the odd bird from them during the season.  She now feels confident in dealing with a bird with its clothes on so it is all plain sailing from now on.  She gets full marks for putting her money where her mouth is and eating direct from field to plate.  She has an allotment and I have a gun so come the end of civilisation we will be ok I will shoot the meat and she will grow the vegetables.

Well time I got the eggs on for breakfast so I will love you and leave you to what I hope is peaceful day........

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