Saturday morning

Good morning all well another day of thick cloud here but not too cold.  Yesterdays muzzle experience was a failure as the muzzle needs a different collar to fix to.  Because he is such an odd shape namely that his neck is fatter than his head he has a half check collar but it doesn't have any buckle to undo it,  so there is no way to fix the muzzle.  James is going to buy him a separate collar specific to the muzzle then we will be able to fix it properly.

On the lunch menu today is pizza, the dough has been in the fridge overnight and is now out getting to room temperature before I roll it out very thin.  In the meantime I need to make a tomato sauce and organise the toppings.  Personally mine will have just mozzarella oregano anchovies and olive oil. The boys can have whatever they like on theirs but not pineapple and ham or minced meat none of which belong on a pizza any more than olives belong on a bakewell tart.  

The kitchen which is being constructed next door is huge so much so that they have had to put in two light wells in the roof.  Personally I think they are crazy a kitchen of that size just means more walking around and more to clean.  If you notice the size of the kitchens in master chef you don't need acres of space to cook in.  I think it will be open plan with the dining room and so the rest of the house which means they will also get the benefit of fried onions in the bedrooms!!!!  Anyway each to their own.  I would have gone for a separate utility room and kept the kitchen relatively small. Anyway at least it is quiet this morning as the builders seem to have the weekend off, it  makes a change not to wake to banging and hammering.  The rumour mill has it that they bash a property around and then move on.  I have been here for nearly 40 years so I have had plenty of time to think what is possible and what is sensible.  The only thing I would have liked is a utility room but the garage is doubling up as that.  I keep all my excess tins and jars and my freezers out there as well as large kitchen items like the fish kettle and my enormous pans. All of which I use from time to time but not on a daily basis.  

Oh hell, the builders are in now and banging, I was hoping for a peaceful day but no such luck!!!  A bit of banging and crashing is one thing but they have converted the loft which has taken at least 6 mths and now the kitchen so it has been going on for quite some time and they are nowhere near finished.

Well that is the plan for the morning and of course there is also laundry which is never ending.  Have a good week end if you have something planned if not a nice peaceful time.

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