Saturday Morning

Good morning all well either someone has gone mad with the icing sugar or we have had a sprinkling of snow.  It is bitterly cold but the snow was a surprise this morning it had been forecast further north and we were to have rain.  Well I know which one I would prefer rain is just miserable and in this cold would just turn to ice.  

Tubby is doing the wounded soldier bit and sadly couldn't manage to eat dog biscuits but he did manage some salmon  and believe it or not some beetroot and the remains of a egg I had used to pane some meat.  Once he had cleared us out of goodies then he managed to top up with a few dog biscuits.  I think we are being taking for a ride here.  However he is being very good about his bandaged foot and Dan too seem to recognise that he no longer needs to attend to the wound and is leaving it well alone.  This is the salmon which was cured with salt sugar beetroot and vodka.  It was rather nice if I say so myself I had made a mustard and dill sauce to go with it and though none of us particularly fancied it we demolished it anyway with a little help from Tubby.

Today I had intended to do some lovely cod fillet but I think I need to make something more in keeping with the weather so I think macaroni cheese, with lashings of fried onions and apple sauce will be on the menu.  This is a valentine warner recipe which I thought was a bit odd but don't knock it till you try it.  It all goes really well together, he calls it alpine macaroni cheese.  He makes his sauce with copious white wine and emmental cheese but hey if you don't have those ingredients it works just as well with ordinary cheese sauce. It is the fried onions and apple sauce which make the difference.  

I was really pleased when I spoke with my sister that the gizmo I had sent her came into its own as they suffered yet another electricity failure due to the land slides.  Fortunately the power was restored in just three hours which is pretty good going.  Apparently many of the small villages are completely cut off as the roads have been blocked with sliding mud.  No one has ever heard of such a winter as they have had this year.  I think I would be thinking of stocking up very well before the next winter comes in case this is not just a one off.  We are all noticing changing weather patterns.

I opened the door to take this snap and very quickly shut it again it is perishing outside we are sub zero.  Denzil is on an early shift so he will be home for lunch and I think something nice and comforting is in order.

Have you had snow?

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