Saturday morning

Good morning all a bit on the late side this morning I was up at 5 then fell asleep again and have only just surfaced.  I slept well as my chest is so much better and I have stopped the incessant coughing.

I am having an interesting brunch left over stew and dumplings.  I was thrilled with the stew the combination of meats made for a really lovely flavour and the dumplings were light and fluffy.  There seemed no point in freezing one portion so I have decided to eat it instead.  Dan is sitting next to me drooling and hoping for a portion.  He could well be in luck as it is quite a big amount so I will be happy to share.

Elaine has done her pheasant with a nice red wine sauce and put pictures on facebook - it is nice when things go according to plan.  It would have been a shame if she had hated it and you never know until you try.  We were brought up as children not being allowed to say you didnt like something until you had tried it - looking at it was not acceptable.  I was at boarding school at the age of 6 and we were hungry.  There was no fridge to raid or mother to pester and if your parents were stupid enough to give you smarties for your tuck then you would be issued one per night to help down the malt and cod liver oil that was compulsory.  Sensible parents gave mars bars which the nuns couldn't be bothered to chop up.  These were not good times and I wonder just how much they have coloured the rest of my life.  Perhaps this is where my hatred of wasting food comes from.

Well the weather is miserable today, drizzling rain and cold but not freezing.  I have a mountain of ironing waiting for me so I had better make a start.  Once I am underway it is never as bad as the anticipation.  Have a good one everybody.......

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