Monday morning

Good morning all sorry about my absence yesterday but I slept for most of the day.  This morning I am feeling marginally better and so I am up and about but I have no intentions of doing much.  It is horrid outside with wind and rain so definitely an indoor day.  To add to my woes I managed to slice my thumb with the serrated bread knife which just goes to show I was not firing on all cylinders as I am quite skilled with knives.  Thinking about it, there is hardly a day goes by without dicing an onion at some point.  At least my knives are sharp so it is a nice clean cut and should heal quickly.  Jobs are piling up but nothing that cannot wait until I am feeling up to it.

Ok enough about my miseries, I managed to take a photo of the next door new kitchen but only from the roof - it is enormous!!!  Looking into the light well it looks like the black hole of calcutta  so I hope they are intending some windows as well.

They have had a new water pipe laid in an effort to increase the water pressure but I don't see how it is going to work.  We have only just  above the legal minimum at 11 litres per minute the minimum is 9 litres per minute but if you put in a bigger bore pipe surely you will drop the pressure. Physics is not my strongest subject but I know from my nursing career that if you use a fine needle to give an injection it goes in at higher pressure and causes more pain.  Anyway I will be interested to see if this works.  I had a long chat with the boy doing the work who was actually a gas fitter and charges £1000 to do the job.  We had to raise our cold water tank in the loft in order to get a shower which didn't just dribble on you.  When it is all finished I will have to make some excuse to have a nose around.  I always wanted a conservatory but Mike was dead against it as it would cut the light from the dining room.

Well that's about it for today not much to report having been bedridden for a few days.  I think a 10,000 mile service is in order so a nice long hot bath and a clean bed is on the cards for today.  Being clean always makes you feel better even though it takes all your energy to accomplish.

Have a good day all and I hope your weather is better than ours!!!!
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