Monday Morning

Good morning all it is still dark outside and I have had a completely sleepless night which has been a real bore. Of course now I feel really sleepy and would love to go back to bed and sleep for a week but Denny is due in half an hour so no chance then I am having my nails done at 1pm but after that I think I will go and crash out.

Tubby had his first experience of the muzzle yesterday and it was not a success.  He went completely demented trying to take it off and bulldozing his head into the ground in an effort to smash it to bits. The result is this, one skinned snout.

I can see that we are going to have to do quite a bit of work with him if he is ever to wear the muzzle and of course we have shot ourselves in the foot as his first experience was a bad one.  Anyway I put some extremely expensive hand cream on his nose and then he sat happily on my bed with the muzzle on for a few minutes with lavish praise.  I think this is the way to go just a few minutes at a time until he gets used to it with lots of praise and fun and hopefully he will realise it is not a punishment it is just a piece of clothing.  Unfortunately James was alone with him and rightly did not take the muzzle off until they were back at the car, he didn't want Tubby to think if he kicked off the muzzle would be removed.  Anyway it is a work in progress!!!! Dan was just puzzled!!!

I came across something interesting on facebook one of my italian friends had put up a piece to read which was at first glance complete gibberish with numbers instead of letters.  I was so surprised when I managed to read it despite it being in italian as well.  I have searched in vain to find it to show you but things come and go on facebook and I can't remember where exactly it was.  I have read the ones with jumbled letters but never one that replaced some letters with numbers.  It is fascinating how easily the brain does the conversion for you.  All that I can remember is that the letter e was replaced with a 3 and s with 5.  It took a few moments to get the hang of it but once cracked it was easy.  

Well time is marching on and today I am going to make a corned beef hash for lunch or dinner I am trying to only cook one meal per day and make do with a snack for the other.  Yesterday I made a shellfish risotto for lunch but by supper time everyone was starving so we ended up with a chinese. Bad people!!!!

As soon as I have let Denny in and given her her coffee I can go and throw myself in the shower I know if I get in before she arrives I will be covered in soap when the doorbell rings.  She is very punctual but the shower is a law unto itself.

Have a good day all.

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