Monday morning

Good morning all I couldn't believe it when my alarm clock went off at 6am I was still sound asleep and very unwilling to get out of my nice warm bed.  However, I have a breakfast date with Sandie so there was no choice but to get up.  I think I slept particularly well as I was rather pleased with myself not only did I do all the ironing but [make sure you are sitting down] I cleaned the oven!!!! I don't know what spurred me into action but I felt very virtuous once it was done.  I am relatively lucky as my oven comes to bits quite easily and so cleaning it is not the trauma it used to be but it is still one of those jobs that always gets pushed to the bottom of the queue.

As we had had an adequate breakfast lunch was off the menu and we went straight for supper.  It was just James and I so he went and bought a portion of chips and we had ham egg and chips which was just what we both fancied.  It is so much handier to buy the chips from the kebab shop which is 200 yard away than stink the house out frying or waiting ages to cook them in the oven.  I think this is a good compromise.  Chips are not on the menu often so this is an easy way to deal with the issue.

Fabulous feather broach held together with an old cartridge base.

The lady that makes them sells them to raise money for a spinone charity so I am very happy to pay and get something so lovely for a donation to a charity.  I have asked her to make me one like this as I think it will go really well on my black leather shooting hat.  She has a catalogue of different feather creations but this one really appealed to me.

Well it is time I got going if I am to be in Faversham by 9am - this time I had better not forget the coffee which is the whole reason for the trip.  It is so easy to get distracted when you are in what is a foodies aladdin's cave.  

Since Tubby hurt his foot Dan has had tunnel vision. It is his job to keep that foot clean and he is very persistent until Tubby tells him enough is enough.  Then he stops licking but looks sadly at Tubby as if to say are you sure you don't need just a little more licking.  If we touch the foot Tubby flinches but Dan is so gentle he is allowed to clean the foot within reason.  It is heart warming to see such affectionate care between the buddies.  Though he is three times the size Dan always defers to Tubby who is his mentor and has taught him how to be a dog since he was a puppy.  Tubby was very hungry yesterday morning and wolfed down his breakfast then look across at Dan who was making slow progress.  Dan then stepped aside and left a small portion of his breakfast for Tubby who was waiting patiently in hope.  I may well be anthropomorphising but it is interesting to watch the interaction between the two dogs.  

Have a good day all it is dry and chilly here but no fog this morning.
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