Friday morning

Good morning all well. The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men. Gang aft agley, and the cod is still in the freezer and yesterdays food plans got completely rewritten.  Anyway, nothing was wasted so I don't really mind. That said, I had a great success with Len and Margaret and they are now set up to do online shopping if either one of them is laid up.  Margaret fed me a puff pastry slice with cheese and onions but unfortunately I breathed a crumb and boy you should have seen and heard the coughing fit I had.  Don't you just hate it when that happens, it was entirely my fault not paying attention to what I was eating.  You would have thought that at my age I would have worked out that you can't breath and swallow at the same time!!!!

I had shot our bright and early and did the shopping so we are now fully stocked yesterdays supper will be todays lunch and the cod will stay in the freezer thank goodness I intended to cook it from frozen so it hasn't defrosted.

Denzil has just taken the dogs out for a walk and Tubby is going to wear a muzzle for the first time. This makes me really sad as he is the gentlest of dogs and wouldn't hurt a fly but people see a bull terrier and panic immediately.  This way there will be no arguments as to who is the perpetrator of any shouting and snarling match.  It is so sad that people are so stupid but this way we are protected from the torrents of verbal abuse we often suffer.  Tubby likes to run so this way he can run his legs off to his hearts content and we will not have to put him on the lead when we encounter the hystericals.  He is whistle trained so his recall is very good two pips and he comes back and one pip he lays down what more do you want? Others dogs are completely out of control but their owners still feel justified in having a go at Tubby.  The man that took a stick to him and treated me to a torrent of abuse got just one comment I asked the dogs to leave the poor old man, he couldn't help it, as he was obviously demented.  At which his face turned purple and he was speechless, problem solved.  End of rant. I think I may have ranted about this before sorry if it is a repeat performance just put it down to my age!!!!

We have no sun today but it is light enough for me to see the mess the garden is - I am going to organise the company who did the winter shut down to come and do a spring clear up.  James has volunteered to pressure wash all the paths which are currently green and slimey.  Roll on a bit of good weather so we can get some of the jobs done.  In the meantime I need to get on with a few indoor jobs.  

Yesterday I put a suitcase away in the top of my wardrobe only to discover that there had been a spider convention and it was filled with cobwebs - nice new hoover made short work of that. Anyway time to get the show on the road I was reading last night a thermomix recipe for pizza dough which needs a night in the fridge so I will run some up tonight and we can have pizza for lunch tomorrow.  Have a good day all.  Have you got the sun?

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