Friday morning

Good morning all - I am shattered after a busy week so I have slept in.  It is so cold bed seems like the best place to be.  Yesterdays lunch went well but trying to get my friend set up with Sainsbury's was a nightmare as she had partially registered and so every time we tried to finish it it kept telling us the email address was already registered so choose another which of course they didn't have.  Had I had my wits about me I would have started with a new email address.  Anyway we managed to get an order in and set up for delivery.

Poor Tubby who has had a bad foot for a while went to the vet and was given an anesthetic to remove the broken nail and now has his foot heavily bandaged.  He didn't come home until late in the evening and was very dopey and confused.  So far he has not tried to remove the bandage and so he has been spared the the megaphone collar.  I think bed rest meant his bed but no he chose the kingsize bed.  Being the bulldozer he is, he often has bumps and cuts and Dan has ignored them but this toe was obviously serious as Dan was at him the whole time trying to keep it clean and he was beside himself when Tubby went to the vet.  He sat and stared out of the window waiting for him to come home.

The recovery position

This morning he has a hangover but can't even remember the party!!!! He is due for a weeks worth of antibiotics as prophylaxis.   

I think I am going to investigate my gravadlax and see if it is ready for eating - I must say it is not exactly what I fancy on a freezing cold day so I think I will use some of it as a starter as something hot is in order.  

Well as I am so late it is time I got this show on the road or it will be lunch time before I am out of my dressing gown.  Have a good day all and try to stay warm.
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