Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  It is chilly but not freezing which is a bit more to my liking.  I think I am going quietly stir crazy as I have been stuck indoors for ages. What with me being off and the car in dock it has been a fortnight since I left the house and went further than the garage or shed.

One bit of good news the guy is going to come and start painting my banisters on Monday.  Currently there are more chips than paint so I will be very happy to get that done.  Interestingly Dennie thought we had decorated the dining room but actually it was just a bunch of new light bulbs that brightened the place up.  It is amazing the difference it makes.  Apparently they are called daylight bulbs and they give a bright white light rather than a soft cream light.  I must admit I like bright light and now I cant wait until I have something similar in the kitchen which is like a dark cave by comparison.

News from Italy is good in-as-much as my sister now has power and internet connection so she is back in contact with the rest of the world.  However, the tragedies still keep piling up they lost an air ambulance and all on board killed and as the snow melts landslides are yet another hazard.  My friends in France have had the winter plague and family bereavements to deal with.  Shiona is up to her ears trying to get a visa to visit india which is proving a thankless task especially as their paperwork doesn't work on a Mac.  In some ways it does me good to hear that others are having a rough time and that I am not alone with my not so significant problems. It does make me feel grateful for the comfort I have.

These guys know what to do on a cold and frosty day just sleep and wait for things to improve!!!!

Today I have a small chicken defrosted and that will make a nice lunch cooked quickly in the halogen oven to go with it some nice roast potatoes [not too brown!!!!!] and some curly kale.  Yesterday I made a quick sauerkraut with a pointy cabbage which I shredded very finely.  The recipe is one of Rick Steins and was indeed not too shabby a representation of the real thing.

Dennie used my new hoover and thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She managed the whole house on one battery charge so I think I chose the right model.  The part that does the stairs is just a dream as normally it is a pig of job.  Anyway it is nice that we are all happy with this purchase.

Ok time to get the show on the road I think I will make yet another inquiry about my car as I really would like some idea of when it is due back.  In the meantime I will play in the kitchen.  Have a good day all.
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