Wednesday morning

Look into my eyes, you are feeling sleepy, very sleepy.  I think someone would like to share my bed?

Yesterday was a bit miserable as I was still feeling pretty grotty with these sinuses and finally threw the towel in at lunch time with a blinding headache.  I had been awake since 2am and so I fell asleep fairly quickly.  Much better night last night slept until 4am when next doors dogs started barking.  I tried to go back to sleep but no dice.  

The stock from the gammon is not at all salty so I have had some split peas soaking in it overnight and now it is on to simmer.  The gammon joint did us well for lunch and then again with egg and chips for supper and we still have enough for sandwiches to go with the soup.  So 9 meals from the one piece of meat can't be bad.

It is well below zero this morning so a really hard frost good job nobody has to go to work this morning as Denzil has a week off or he would be outside scraping.  The land rover has a button which switches on all the heating in the windscreens mirrors etc and puts the blower on the side windows so it defrost really easily.  A really useful feature if the car has to live outside.  Still no word on how long it will be before it is returned nor how much it will cost so I am bracing myself for the phone call which should come today.

The guy who is going to paint the staircase came yesterday and is going to phone me with a quote today and then Gary is hoping to start soon.  Once we have the skip we can get on with the clearing until then everything is on hold.  I must admit I am please about that as I really don't feel up to much at the moment.  I will be happy to take it easy for a couple of days and hope the head clears besides it is just too cold for outside work.

Havea good day all and stay warm if you are in the freezing south east!!!!
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