Wednesday Morning

Good morning all - yesterday was one of highs and lows.  I got stuck into giving jumbo a coat of polish which owing to the rough carving can only be done with toothbrush.  So on went a layer of parade ground gloss then a good buffing up with a shoe cleaning brush and finally the metal polish for the presentation plate.  He looked lovely so back he went to his normal place and as I set him down so his tusk fell out. "Rude word, followed by extremely rude word", then I ordered some milliput  and we will try again. I refuse to be defeated by a lump of ebony!!!!  So that was a pretty low moment - I needed cheering up so off I went and got the hand held hoover which has been on charge over night so it should be ready for action today and I am going to have a go at getting rid of some of the cobwebs that are gathering around my ceilings.  As Denny came yesterday there is little to do regarding hoovering the floors as she has done all of that.  However I'm sure to find some skirting boards that need a little attention.  It is a pathetic state of affairs where you are actively looking  for work to test your new toy.  The girl in the shop said she has one and wouldn't be without it and I must say anyone who has one thinks they are great I have not heard any adverse comments so heres hoping I have done the right thing.

Today is haircut day for Dan he is due at the groomers at 12.30 which is a really naff time as we will have to leave home at 11.45 to get there so we are splitting the driving James and I will take him in and Denzil will collect him when he is done.  The boys have been winding him up telling him he is going to get a "numero uno" with the clippers of course he doesn't understand and thinks it is something really good and gets all excited and tries to jump into their arms.  As you can imagine he is a bit big for that!!!!

I had a day off from the kitchen yesterday Denzil brought home some pizza's with goats cheese spinach and caramelised onions so we had them for lunch and we treated ourselves to a Chinese for supper.  

Stand by your beds!!! here comes a rant.  I was reading Joys recipe for curly kale which is one of my favourite vegetables but I have great difficulty getting hold of kale that has not be put through a garden shredder.  The supermarkets all sell bags of the stuff but you are then left with the dilemma of how to cook it.  The chopped up stalks take twice as long to cook as the leaf so you can have nice leaves with lumps of raw stalk or nice cooked stalks with destroyed over cooked leaves.  Alternatively you can spend a happy hour picking the stalks out of the shreddings. If I wanted compost I would buy it.  I have put my money where my mouth is and have complained to both Tesco and Sainsbury veg buying departments  about this problem but they are not interested.  Every time I go to Macnades I stock up on kale which they sell in its natural state so it is easy to strip the leaf from the stalk and hey presto a nice vegetable.  Sadly its a bit of a drive away so not really convenient.  I must check to see if my box scheme do kale in an unmolested form. Ok you are safe now, end of rant!!!!

We are having another spate of niusance phone calls 6 yesterday.  As I was waiting for the estate agents to ring regarding the house valuation I was obligued to answer the calls.  Most cannot pronounce my name so they get a flea in their ear as they obviously can't read.  I must say I normally let the answer machine do the job and they never leave a message.  I have just cleared an additional 4 message from the machine so that makes a total of 10 in one day.  I have tried all the usual methods to stop the calls but nothing seems to work.  As fast as I block the numbers so they change them and get through.  Well at least it gives my something to moan about and if that is all I have to complain about then life cannot be bad.....It is all just irritating trivia.  

Well according to the forecast we may get some snow tomorrow and though it is cold today it is not freezing.  My snow shovel is close at hand so we probably won't get the snow it only seems to happen when the snow shovel is in the far end shed.  OK time to test the hoover :)

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