Wednesday morning

Good morning all, it is cold and dull this morning the sort of day when you could sit curled up in front of the fire or wrapped in your duvet even the dogs can't be bothered to get up.  I am sleeping later these days but I do wake up feeling pretty wrecked and it takes the coffee a while to reinvigorate me.  The cleaning bug seems to have left me, friends and acquaintances  have all keeled over with coughs and colds.  I'm sure that the stress and strain of christmas and new year take their toll on our immune systems.  I must say that I am not ill but I am also not the full ticket either

The boys and I had a discussion yesterday about the conversion of the garage to a utility room and they are both against the whole idea.  This has left me in a bit of a quandary am I just being selfish and should I just abandon the whole idea.  After all I have spent my entire life managing with the status quo.  Perhaps I should just start by clearing out under the stairs which is stuffed full of rubbish so that I can organise my cleaning stuff like brooms and ironing boards which might then have a more sensible home.  There are lots of niggling little bits that need mending but neither of the boys are the handy man type.  So there are two choices either I tackle the jobs myself or I will have to get a handyman in to do them.  This is where we have a big difference of opinion these things don't bother the boys but they drive me mad.  I like order and they don't care.

I love this idea to utilise the space under the stairs to its maximum, perhaps I should look at this first.  

I have also been looking at a visit to see my sister in Montefino in April - I chose April as the worst of the winter weather should be over, but I then discovered that I am reaching the age where hiring a car can be a problem.  The nearest airport is Pescara then there would be an hours drive up into the mountains. There is no public transport so I will just have to bite the bullet and drive.  I don't want to rush at this but time is marching on and I am not getting any younger.  I can also feel Denzil itching to get back to Thailand.

Well that about it for this morning time to brace myself for a trip to the freezer and a rummage for lunch.

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