Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  Well my hair is cut really short - I feel sort of naked.  I had intended a day at the shoot with Dan but have bottled out after a terrible night.  I don't think I am fit to be driving up the motorway.  Safer for everyone if I stay put.  The smell of the paint has done me no good but I am glad it is being done.  It already looks much better with just the undercoat.  Our stairs are so narrow we all use the banisters so I think each of us has put a hand in the wet paint.  The dogs are confused as they have been relegated to the dining room.  Mind you they are less likely to get in the paint than us humans.

In an effort to calm my wobbling tummy I have just had a slice of toast.  I don't understand why but we always used to give nauseated patients dry toast and soda water.  Possibly because it was better on the return journey!

Once the painter is here I am going to try and get some sleep.  Not that I stand much chance next door have had the kitchen knocked down and have already started banging and the dogs barked most of the night. Not exactly conducive to sleeping. However I am so knackered I think I could sleep through a hurricane.

Thank goodness I have some bolognese in the freezer so lunch will be a doddle.  Denzil is off today so I can throw in the towel.  Have a good day all.
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