Tuesday morning

Good morning all at last I feel moderately like a human being.  I slept well and my nose is clear and not running like a tap. It has been tedious being one degree under and trying to keep on you feet.  

Yesterday I decided to make a prawn risotto and  to that end I put lots of large prawns on the gridle pan and gave them a good cooking.  Then came the job of peeling them and I have never come across such terrible prawns they wouldnt let go of their jackets for love nor money so it took forever to peel them.  The head and shells were then boiled down to make a good prawn stock. That done it was only the rice to organise at which point I discovered I had none.  So change of plan the bolognese sauce was pressed into service and the prawns will be on today's menu with a nice green salad.  I eventually found the risotto rice which had been put out in the garage with the extra stores.

Did I get round to clearing the cupboards in the garage? no I didn't by the time I had had the fight with the prawns and made lunch I had lost the will to live so that is the job that got shelved.  I still make plans for jobs as though I were 20 so inevitably I fail to complete them which is depressing so the answer is to make smaller lists commensurate with my age.

The car was due back today but guess what they still haven't finished the job so I rang the insurer who pay the bill and asked them to light a fire under the garage.  Had there been major damage to the vehicle I would have expected it to take time but for a petrol cap, flap and door handle I think two weeks is sufficient.  I would also have expected them to keep me updated if it was taking longer than they anticipated.

My sister finally managed to get some power via a generator so hopefully she has not run out of candles and firewood.  Though interestingly they burn the remains of what is left from pressing the olives for oil instead of wood. Good use of a by product I also saw that they are using the by product of the sauerkraut industry to generate electricity.  I like to see people who have ideas on what to do with waste rather than just chuck it in landfill. 

Well the wonderful Denny is here and it is time I got going so I will love you and leave you for the time being.  At least we are not freezing this morning but we are also devoid of sunshine.  Have a good day all.....
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