Tuesday morning

Good morning all late again sorry but I had the night from hell up and down the whole night just unable to settle and wide awake.  I rang the garage yesterday to try and find out what is happening to my car but to no avail.  Nobody to answer the phone just an answering machine so I left two messages still nothing.  I will try again today and see if I can find a human being!!! The guy who is going to repaint my staircase is coming this afternoon to give me a price.  I must say it is not a job I would relish all those spindles yuck! Anyway I hope he gives me a price I can live with:) 

Yesterdays kidney dish in the end turned into a mixture of the possibilities sort of slightly deviled with a sauce of marsala and mustard sound bad but actually it was rather nice and got demolished pretty smartly.  I also suddenly had a yen for welsh cakes something I don't think I have had since I lost my gran who was always making them. They are very simple to make and delicious straight off the gridle with a considerable coating of butter. Naughty but nice. 

I did actually accomplish something yesterday as I spent an hour or more on the phone with the technical support team at virgin.  For some inexplicable reason my outgoing email has been bouncing back since before christmas and I have had to send it out using a different email address which has been a bit of a pain.  I tried to reset it all but to no avail it wouldn't recognise my password anyway they have at last fixed it but it was a case of trial and error.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the glitch was at their end.

Today I have a piece of gammon to boil which we will have with boiled potatoes parsley sauce and possibly curly kale if it arrives in time.  It is not a huge piece but there should be plenty left for cold or to accompany some egg and chips.  Tubby seems to have recovered his appetite and motored through some of the rice I had cooked for lunch - I always seem to cook too much but it really doesn't matter as the dogs love it.

Gary rang yesterday to say he would soon be ready to start on the garage which means I will have to do some initial clearing.  It is my intention to clear space in the shed to store that which I want to keep then the rest can go in the skip.  I think I might start gently with my wardrobe which is in chaos and probably full of stuff which needs to be thrown away.  I once read that the way to do a wardrobe is throw the contents on to your bed then you cannot sleep until it is cleared - sounds like a plan.

Anyway first things first get the gammon on to boil and hope the cooking water is not too salty as it has been soaked overnight, then I can make some lentil or pea soup with it.  Have a good day all it is very cold here but clear.
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