Tuesday morning

Good morning all, January is marching on and I have the services of the wonderful Denny again.  Actually we have kept the house pretty tidy in her absence.  My small purge on the shiny stuff has made it look much better.  Jumbo has his tooth back but for how long I'm not sure now he needs a coat of polish.  It is the little jobs that really seem to eat into the time.

I am still mulling over the hoover idea as they are on sale, I am trying to persuade myself that if I had  a light easy hoover I might use it!!!  But I'm not sure if I am lying to myself.  I have the best intentions but they often come to nothing. Buying oven cleaner doesn't clean the oven!!! which reminds me my ovens could do with a clean fortunately they are beautifully designed and so are easy to clean.  I usually put all the racks through the dishwasher which just softens the dirt and makes it easier to get clean and I have oven liners to catch the drips and the glass doors come apart easily so I can get them in the sink. Obviously designed by someone who has had to clean an oven.  It is quite a conundrum that the more labour saving devices you have the more labour there is to do.  If you didn't have a washing machine I bet you would wash less stuff.  

Now here is a little pipe dream I would like to go away and stay in hotel for a while and return to the house once a team of interior designers had been through it.  All clean tidy and freshly decorated anyone care to join me?  I was watching hoarders on the TV yesterday, what a devastating mental condition it is, I feel so sorry for the people who just cannot see the problem.  However, I would love to get hold of a professional organiser to make some sense of my chaos.  Anyway I am hopeful that once I see the skip I will feel obligated to fill it. 

Denny is here now so I must close and get on and make some decisions on the lunch menu.
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