Tuesday morning

Good morning all it is a good job the computer knows what day of the week it is as I have completely lost track what with the holidays and their respective bank holidays because of the weekends it has left me in a complete muddle.  Mind you it doesn't take much to muddle me these days.

Yesterday after my friends left I got stuck into the washing up which once tidied up only took few minutes.  Then the phone rang and it was my 91year old uncle who rang to wish me a happy new year.  We don't talk very often so he had lots to talk about and we ended up discussing everything from grand dads war medals, which have disappeared, to prestressed concrete and the efficiency of radiators.  He was a civil engineer and responsible for much of Peterborough and plenty of big projects abroad.  My father too was a civil engineer so you would be surprised at how much I know about pre and post stressed concrete and bolt corrosion. Actually not that much be enough not to look like an idiot.  I must admit he was very upbeat and thinks we are going to make the transition to non fossil fuel economy fairly easily once we get the batteries sorted to store power generated by solar wind etc.  Did you know that  we lose 30% of the electricity we currently generate in transit.  

After spending two and a half hours on the phone with him it was lunch time but I was left with the thought that it is such a shame that we as a society do not really value our old people who have so much knowledge available for the asking.  I vividly remember nursing an elderly lady who was away with the fairies most of the time but she would have lucid moments where she would discuss her job as dressmaker to the royal family.  She was a mine of information what a pity is was mostly wasted.  

Anyway this is not getting anything done and the sun is shining the dogs are going crazy for a walk so I had better get dressed and take them.  The steak and kidney is on the menu for today so I have no cooking just a bit of reheating.  Have a good day all...............
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