Thursday Morning

Good morning all, I was quite convinced it was Friday today it is a good job I write this blog or I think I would loose complete touch with the days of the week.  

GOOD NEWS I have my car back at last you just don't know what you've got till you lose it.  I am thrilled it came back about 7pm last night.  I can't wait to go out in it and I really don't care where, I am going stir crazy locked in the house.  I think as my coffee supplies are very low I might go to Faversham and restock and treat myself to a nice breakfast.

I managed to get some facetime with my sister now that she has got both power and a signal back and after much messing about I think her parcel might get to her today.  DHL contacted me say the address was incorrect and that phone number was also incorrect however when I spoke to my sister she had already had a call from them asking if the roads were clear so they could deliver.  I remain hopeful.   I think she will be well pleased to be able to get out and do a bit of shopping as her food stores are somewhat depleted.

So far I have nothing in mind for lunch today and I must admit I am in a bit of a quandary with some sweet potatoes I have both the orange coloured and some purple ones somehow I dont think they will mix as the result would be a very nasty shade of yuck.  I think my only chance is to do them as wedges in the oven then the colours wont mix and they might look appetising.

Well if I am to go to Faversham I had better get going besides it is cold sitting here so I need to get dressed before I freeze. The outside temperature is in minus figures but we don't appear to have a frost. 

Have a good one all.....

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