Thursday Morning

Good morning all. It is cold but none of the white stuff to be seen YET. Yesterday was largely centred around Dans haircut, he was beginning to look horribly like Donald Trump so to avoid any confusion he now looks gorgeous albeit trimmed back to his underwear.  When he arrived home he was famished and demolished a huge bowl of meat [turkey from soup making] followed by a couple of litres of water.  We were having our supper which he thought he should be included in but he kept falling asleep with his chin resting on the table.  A day at the groomers completely poleaxes him you would have thought he had spent the whole day chasing rabbits across the country.  Tubby was over the moon to have him back I'm sure he thought he had been taken to the vet never to return.  The greetings were frenetic.  So lovely to see the joy on their faces when they were reunited.  As I sit here scribbling they are both tucked up in bed sound asleep with the boys.

Do you believe your body sometimes tells you what it needs?  I think it does and yesterday I had a real longing for some liver [perhaps a little iron needed] I had some calves liver in the freezer so that was our supper no wonder Dan thought he should be included - I make liver cake for the dogs but not with calves liver!!!  I had done the prep but James did the cooking and made a very good job of it as the liver only takes moments to cook as it is cut so thin and in the blink of an eye it can be made into shoe leather.  We had it with a big pile of crispy bacon, onions and a pile of brussel sprouts.  A sort of combination of liver and onions and liver and bacon.  Today I am craving salad stuff of which I have plenty so for lunch I am going to make a big plate of mozzarella with tomatoes cucumber and avocado to go with whatever I can find in the freezer.  Tomorrow is going to be lunch chaos as we have the estate agents coming at that time.  This all feels like a bit of a government  job creation scheme.  After all with us living in it the house it's not worth much and any value they place on it is only good for a short length of time as house prices are permanently on the move.  Presumably this is the government looking at capital gains tax when and if the property is sold by which time the valuations will be a nonsense and the tax laws will have changed so what is the point?  Of course silly me, they can charge me for the privilege and call it a disbursement just to confuse the issue still further. Anyway, I have a steak and kidney in the freezer so all I have to do is add a lid and we will have a pie for lunch. And following on from yesterdays discussion on Kale I have added some to my box delivery for next week as it comes in its natural form rather than minced.

Well that the score for today time to get going with something.  Oh by the way the hoover is magic it is light powerful and does what it says on the tin.  If you fancy one go for it........

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