Thursday Morning

Good morning all.  I might have had a bit of an off day yesterday but I didn't waste the day completely.  I have taken the bull by the horns and booked a flight to Pescara at the beginning of April.  No problem there but I will arrive at 9.30pm and pick up a hire car then drive the hours drive up into the mountains.  I must say that is the bit that scares me.  I have tried to mitigate the drive by organising an automatic vehicle.  My land rover is automatic so at least I will not be fighting with a gear stick in the wrong hand as well as driving on the wrong side of unknown roads in the dark. My hope is that there shouldn't be too much traffic and provided I take it slowly I should be OK.  A bit of bottle required!!!! As I will be staying with my sister I don't need to take much stuff just some clothes  and a few personal bits.  I will not be taking shampoo, toothpaste etc which causes hassle in airports. The flight is a mere 2.5 hours so a bus ride really though I know it will take all day and I will be cream crackered at the end of it.

I thought I had better get on and do this as my age is going to start being a problem soon some companies don't let you hire cars after 65 and most stop at 70 well that only leaves me this year and next then I will be scuppered. After that I would have to drive the whole way which actually I think I would prefer.  Trust my sister to live so far off the beaten track that there is no public transport. Anyway I am 50% excited and 50% scared to death.  This is where I have to remind myself that when I took up shooting [a very male orientated sport] I bought a gun, knowing nothing, and off I went to a club on my own.  I can't tell you how lovely the people were and they immediately took me under their wing and helped me out. A group of very nice guys took me round and when I ran out of cartridges  and was still missing a clay they made me stand there until I hit it and supplied my with endless ammunition.  The only other occasion I can remember being terrified was the fist shoot with Basso but I had Sandy to show me the ropes and after he had dragged me down a bank on my face the ice was broken and everyone was splitting their sides laughing including me.  Sadly he didn't know he was supposed to wait for the whistle before going to pick up a bird.  The bird fell some 30 feet from him and he was away.  Fortunately I had him on a lead but I didn't have the physical strength to hold him back so I just became an anchor.

Having spent most of yesterday booking things up I did very little else so today I need to get going and I think I am going to have to hit the shops for a few odds and ends.  I am out of eggs and squash so that is reason enough for a small shop.

It is freezing cold here today but lovely and sunny so not unpleasant.  It is just a case of wrapping up warm.  This is a question for Joy do they have modelling clay in Hobbycraft you know the sort that hardens on its own?  I have a small repair job and need to reattach a tusk to an ebony elephant which came back from Nigeria with Mum and Dad.  I have looked at sticking it back but there is a small piece missing which prevents me from doing this so I though a bit of modelling clay might do the job.  I dare say I will have to buy a ton of it when all I need is teaspoon full but I don't know anyone who might have such a thing at their disposal.

Ok enough scribbling time for work!!!!!

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