Sunday morning

Good morning all - I survived yesterday!!!!  As luck would have it the forecast rain never happened and though it was pretty cold it was sunny most of the time.  Dan was a complete sweetheart despite his lack of training he behaved with good grace and retrieved a partridge and two pheasants one of which was a runner.  This confused him, he didn't want to kill the bird but he knew he mustn't let it go either so he held it down with a paw until I could relieve him of it.  It was very much a team effort but he did not disgrace me.  While we were having our bacon rolls I heard one of the guns say "what the f****ng hell is that", so I replied he is an Italian spinone I think you will find a "f****ng hell", is a bit smaller. I lost track of the number of drives we did I only know that by the end I was completely out of gas and had to concentrate hard on the way home as the warm car wanted to send me to sleep. Dan who had run a million miles had a big drink, a huge supper and then became unconscious in my bed!!!!!  I quickly followed him and managed to squeeze in beside him where I too became unconscious.  Dan never sleeps in my room but I took this to be an honour so I let him get away with it besides I was too tired to argue.  He didn't stay for long so I got my bed back and slept like the dead.  All that cold fresh air  and exercise really did for me and I was out cold by 7pm.  Sandie was quite impressed by the way Dan will work 30 yard ahead and then return which she thought I had trained him to do but this is pure instinct he works no further than you can shoot there is no point in putting up a bird that is too far for you to shoot so he waits for you to catch up.  I didnt manage to take any photos but someone else did and I hope I will receive them in the email fairly soon.

Yesterdays menu is now going to be todays menu.  I have some lovely veal kidneys which I will cook with cream and mushrooms and serve with rice and a salad. Nice and easy and not too much effort which is just as well as I need to clear up the hunting stuff which I just dumped.  My muddy boots are still in the car.  The carpet is liberally covered in muddy paw prints but nothing the new hoover can't deal with.  I learned a long time ago it is better to let the mud dry before you try to tackle it.

It is cold here today but not freezing and it is dry at the moment so I may get some laundry done. Monday is going to be busy as the guy is coming to paint the banisters and I have a hair appointment at 11am so by lunchtime I might look a little less like an unkempt dog.

Have a good day all - I will be doing the minimum while I recover from yesterday.

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