Sunday morning

Good morning all, another rough night but fell sound asleep at 5am and have only just surfaced. Elaine rang and is dropping in for coffee with her son and the dog.  The sun is shining but it is still bitterly cold.

My sister managed to get her phone charged at the local bar and rang so I am sending her a windup radio which will also charge her phone.  I tried to get amazon to send it directly to her but they wouldn't so it is coming here and I will DHL it to her from our local WHSmiths.  I don't suppose they will get through at the moment but the winter is not over yet. It seems a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted but who know what is yet to come.  It might work like my snow shovel and keep the snow at bay. Anyway, it has about a dozen functions which could come in handy if you have no power.  It is due to arrive today and I will go straight up to Smiths and get it in the post.

Denzil is back at work today so it is only James and I for lunch so I think it will be an omelette or scrambled eggs for lunch.  I have the makings of a bolognese sauce so I will get on with that in the meantime then it can go in the freezer as a standby.  As for supper I havent a clue no doubt we will find something now that we are restocked.

Sorry this is put up so late but I got interrupted by visitors hope you all have a lovely sunday and stay good and warm.
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