Sunday morning

Good morning all it is wet and miserable here today so the house is draped in laundry.  By the way did I tell you I love my new hoover? and yes I used it yesterday it's a miracle. 

After my day of cussed frustration over the car business I had a quiet day yesterday as I waited for the delivery of the courtesy car.  Which as it happens is not much use to me as I can't put the dogs in it.  I have a landrover for a reason it is not a chelsea tractor.  Elaine popped round to do some counter signatures and we laughed as we remembered when I did the counter signatures for her family of fives passports which I think we had to do three times before we got them right. And you know how pedantic the passport office is!!!! My sister had a hell of a job just renewing hers as she is not in this country and doesn't have the benefit of the post office to check the forms.

On today's menu is the mackerel with gremolata which we were going to have yesterday until nobody fancied it.  I think a nice big salad will accompany it and maybe some hot crusty bread.  I like to have, in stock, the part baked bread which you can just bung in the oven and crisp up in minutes.  I really should get back to baking my own bread again.  

My sinuses have been playing up and I have been getting lots of headaches which is driving me nuts so today I am going to stick my head over a bowl of boiling water and cover it with a towel to see if a good steaming will sort out the problem.  Sometimes the old ways are still the best.

Well that about it for today all is quiet on the western front which makes a pleasant change.  The dogs have given up all hopes of a walk and gone back to bed.

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