Sunday Morning

Good morning all.  Well the bullet has been bitten and god bless Gary.  We chatted through what would be practical and what would be foolish.  Being the very sensible man that he is he realised that my idea was more to do with my sudden freedom and less to do with the practicalities of life.  He has done lots of work in this road so he is familiar with the problems of victorian houses which are just not built for todays life.  They didn't have cars, washing machines, tumble dryers and freezers so it is a case of trying to accommodate these item in some sort of sensible way.  The washing machine and tumble dryer will stay in the shed but the remaining rubbish will go into the skip.  We are going to go halves on a large skip as he has some rubbish to get rid of also. The garage is going to be made more user friendly and the vast majority of the stuff will be put in the skip.  Then one wall will have all the freezers and cupboards to hold my oversized and rarely used kitchen equipment.  Repairs will be made to parts which are in need and my kitchen is going to get new lighting so I can at least see what I am doing.  The staircase is going to get a coat of paint as it has more chips than paint at the moment.  then once that is all done I can look at re-carpeting the dining room.  At the moment I am unsure which way to go with the floor, do I go for a hard surface which is noisy and slippery but easy to run a mop over or do I go with a thick carpet and good underlay which will out last me or somewhere in between  with  flotex or cushion floor?  Each have their pros and cons.  I would value your opinions the dining room takes by far the majority of foot fall and grease from the kitchen and mud from the garden.  The current carpet is reaching the end of its life but it has been down for 20 years and done sterling work  given all the mud and mess it has had to bear there is something to be said for pure wool.  While we have the skip I am going to turn out lots of stuff from the house and so hopefully make a bit more space.  The lounge has been done so that is one room down but plenty more to go.  I looked at making the most of under the stairs but it is full of meters and pipes so not practical it really just needs a good clear out.  I think I am going to work like a navy while the skip is here.  Gary is hoping to start in about a fortnight so I may well start to declutter now.  First port of call is under the stairs which is a disaster area.  I am wondering if it might be sensible to look at a Dyson cordless vacuum then I could do away with all the brooms and dustpans that clutter the place up.  Decisions,  decisions.  Do any of you have one and are they any good?  I think I may call on my girly friends for a skip and lunch day as I know they will be only too happy to help me get rid of stuff.

So easy to write if only it were this easy to do!!!!!!

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