Saturday morning

Good morning all.  First let me tell you about the pork it was delicious a bit darker than normal pork but not as dark a wild boar.  The flavour is very good not too strong and the fat melts away very quickly.  I would recommend it if you fancy a bit of a treat as it is pricey for normal use.  Next the parcel finally arrived at my sisters and apparently it charges a phone good and fast.  Hopefully it might be useful if she gets marooned again.  The weather gods certainly have it in for Italy at the moment.  Talking of the weather gods we are forecast rain for today and  though I don't think it is raining at the moment the windows are wet.  Do I care? well yes, Dan and I are in for a day of picking up which should prove interesting.  One, I am not 100% and two Dan has had no training to speak of.  Am I mad?  Yes, most definitely. Apparently they are very short of pickers up so I guess even I will do.  It is not a commercial shoot but a day when the beaters who have worked all winter get the opportunity to shoot for themselves so it doesn't really matter if Dan makes a mess of things. But do I need to stand in the cold and rain for the day? I don't think so.  Anyway at least my nails look nice!!!!!  I am drinking my coffee in espresso form as I don't want too much liquid on board as there are no facilities except the bushes!!!!  I will try and get some snaps of the day to show you but I usually have my hands full with Dan.  Now I need to go and locate all the paraphernalia I am likely to need as I haven't been on a shoot all season the stuff is liberally scattered around the house. Have a good day all I hope I do. 
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