Saturday morning

Good morning all well the sun is shining it is freezing cold but I must be getting better as not only did I do the hoovering but also the ironing and some cooking yesterday.  This means there is little for me to do today as lunch is already made and just needs heating through.  I have been avoiding going out as the cold air on my sinuses is quite painful so where possible I have avoided it.

Small rant coming:- I had a rude letter from the council saying that I was in arrears with my council tax which seemed odd as it is paid by direct debit from the joint account.  However as the account name no longer has Mike it has caused a problem.  I phone the council paid the council tax and set up a new direct debit and today I have a letter from them confirming the direct debit in, yes you've guessed it, Mike's name.  Bureaucratic cock up yet again, something about paying peanuts you get monkeys, comes to mind.  Every part of the letter is addressed to me except the direct debit.  End of rant.

Anne how goes the hoover? I feel somewhat responsible having advised you to go ahead.  I hope you are as delighted as I am. I have actually hoover several times which is unheard of in this house.  I love the fact that it is light and easy to maneuver and goes straight from carpet to hard floor without a hiccup and the bit that does the stairs is a joy.  As you can imagine with two dogs in the house pet hair is problem but not with the new machine.

Well time to get the show in the road James is off to do a big shop as we have kind of run down our supplies over the last week or so when I have been off my feet.    
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