Saturday morning

Good morning all.  Are you superstitious?  I am not and would think nothing of walking under a ladder provided it was in a safe place.  However, yesterday was Friday the 13th and what a day I had. The first pain of the day was to pay the solicitors for the job they are doing which of course includes the stupid visits from the estate agents. If you have the stamina more on that later.  Denzil had had a bit of a rotten shift with the snow and two people didn't get their shopping as he couldnt get the lorry up the hill to their houses but he got home safely and was looking forward to his day off.  He likes to take the dogs for a long walk first thing and that is just what he did.  As he approached the car he realised it had been vandalised the little door to the petrol cap had been ripped completely off and was lying in the road and the actual petrol cap had been ruined along with one of the rear passenger door handles.  They were obviously after my tank of diesel but failed.  So next job ring the old bill and report a case of criminal damage.  Much form filling over the phone and finally a crime number was illicited.  The chances of catching the little scrotes is negligible so on to the next item the car insurance.  Guess what they were very busy due to the weather conditions eventually got through and again off we went with all the details hat size, inside leg measurement and so on.  Fine they would get an approved repairer to come and collect the car and leave me with a replacement.  Who is the fool who has a £550 excess on their insurance?  Well with land rover that will only buy you a light bulb. Now the dining table is covered with all the legal stuff, still awaiting signature witnessing, and all the car stuff and all the insurance stuff.  The garage doing the repairs were to ring and make all the arrangements so I waited and the phone rang it was the solicitor who rang to say that one of the estate agents would be unable to make it due to the heavy snow.  So I informed him they were talking rubbish the roads were clear.  Then the phone rang again it was the fishmonger who had some lovely mackerel fine that would do for supper.  Finally the garage rang to say that they would be collecting my car on Monday. Not very happy but what can you do!!!  ding dong the doorbell and there is the first of the estate agents.  He did a quick walk through and was gone in under 5minutes most of which he spent talking to the dogs.  Great, now I knew I had an hour before the next one was due if he was coming.  Lunch on, steak and kidney heated through, puff pastry in the oven on its own, mashed the spuds and drained off the greens.  Ding dong it is the fishmonger delivering the fish.  Food served and on the table just as I got the first mouthful ding dong here is the next estate agent who also spent his time talking to the dogs and was gone in under 5 minutes.  Then as I approached my food again the phone rang and it was the garage the insurance company were not happy that I would have to wait until Monday so they wanted to rearrange and are coming to collect today between 7am and 2pm so who is trapped again!!! They are going to leave me with some little car which is all but useless for the dogs which is why I have a landrover in the first place.  However, before I could have the car I needed a code from the DVLA so I had to go through to them online and feed in my information.  Not easy as the writing on the driving licence is tiny and you need a magnifying glass to read it they also required my national insurance number which I fortunately know by heart.  Code acquired, so I replied to the text message with that number but the text bounced, so back on the phone and got on to a very nice young man who wanted all my details then handed me over to the lady who was dealing with my case and she took the code number.  By this time I was loosing the will to live, the dogs got my lunch, James abandoned his the fish is in the fridge and will be for today. by the time it came to supper I had 2 fried eggs and a frankfurter and beans.  The dogs were very unimpressed and wondered why I was eating dog treats I explained that they had had my lunch so it was only fair. I don't think the understood!!!! frankfurters are dog treats.  Well what a day so happy Saturday here I sit amongst the snow storm of paperwork waiting for the useless car to be delivered and wondering just how long it will be before my car is back and mended.  Suffice to say I wish the perpetrators of this a life time of perianal abscesses otherwise known a Jeep bottom.  Not fatal just very painful and embarrassing.  I still love my new hoover and can whistle round the ground floor in less time than an estate agent!!!!!  Next Friday the 13th I am staying in bed.
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