Saturday morning

Good morning all it is perishing here this morning if fact I have just turned the heating up as the house feels cold.  Yesterday was a bit of a bummer as I decided to feel sorry for myself.  I have absolutely no reason to feel that way but it just came upon me.  It is a strange phenomenon but I am fine in the midst of a crisis, strong and practical but some time later I disintegrate.  I think what set me off was reading the card that was sent to me following the death of the man in road outside the house.  His widow sent me a card addressed to the good samaritan as she had no idea who I was and it touched a nerve.  That will teach me to sort out the filing cabinet I knew there was a reason I left it.  Anyway, that aside, I have filtered out guarantees for things I threw away years ago and great fat instruction manuals for things like the fridge and washing machine both of which I feel capable of using without a book to explain the minutia.  Most of the manuals only have one page in english the rest is every other language you can think of.  Why have I kept them?  I love the dishwasher instruction which advise you not to stand on the open door - the cooker reminds you that it gets hot so glad I now know that.  Anyway, I now have a stack of paper for the bin and the filing cabinet is ten times lighter.  This is an ongoing job I really need to go through every cupboard an jettison the stuff that is useless.  I think my anti waste gene is responsible, I hang on to stuff in case I might need it some time in the future.  I have put a list of my Coalport/Wedgwood china on a china sale site as it is just decorative rather than functional and is seldom used it just needs cleaning at regular intervals so it is actually just work.  If I can successfully loose it all I can dismantle the welsh dresser and get rid of that.  Having stuff out on display is a pain as it is just a dust collector and with two dogs and three adults we generate plenty of dust so it is a never ending chore.  I think I am going to do one cupboard a day so the task is not so daunting.  

OMG I have just had a message from Gary re the garage so no it is crunch time do I go ahead or take the boys advice and shelve it.  They complain that I ask for advice then ignore it and do what I like anyway.  Not strictly true, I listen and then make a judgement on all the available advice.  Some times it goes their way and sometimes not.  I think I may well put this ball firmly in their court and let them decided what should be done.  They can discuss it with Gary and then decide what is necessary and what is indulgence.  There is a leak in the roof and it is destroying a supporting beam so some things I think need doing.  However, the house will soon be theirs so they might as well start taking responsibility for its maintenance.  I will of course pick up the tab....

It is hard to hand over the reins of control when it has been a life long job but I knew there would be big changes so now it is time to put my money where my mouth is.  Wish me luck!!!!

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