Monday morning

Good morning all the tide is up and the boys and dogs are out so I guess I will be getting some soaking wet pups home soon.  Tubby who only has underwear dries easily but Dan with his big jacket takes forever.  It always amazes me that they don't seem to be put off by the cold swimming is swimming and great fun no matter if it is snowing!!!

I had a blitz over to Maidstone yesterday and rushed in and out of Hobbycraft.  Lingering and looking ends up costing me a packet so I dashed in found the clay and out again before I found some exciting new project.  Sadly I had to buy a kilo of clay and what I actually need is a salt spoons worth so what do I do with the rest?  The temptation is to make some clay model but I am trying to get rid of stuff not add to it.

Thanks for your advice re the flooring it is going to be a difficult decision as each type has its good points and bad.  Nothing is ever perfect.  The hand held Dyson sounds like it might make my cleaning a bit easier but my major stumbling block is you actually have to use these things it is not enough just to buy them!!!!!!  However given that I am saving a packet on the garage perhaps it will thin out some of the brooms and brushes which will make more space.  Does that sound like a good bit of reasoning for indulging my laziness? I would also have to clean out the under stairs cupboard to find a place to put it. You see how easily I can talk myself into things!!!! If only I was that good at talking myself into getting the jobs done instead of finding very good reasons not to do the work!!!!

Anyway while I mull this over I need to think about lunch I thought I would do a deconstructed corn beef hash.  Lashings of fried onions sauté potatoes and corn beef tossed about a bit in the pan.  Alternatively I have the remains of some turkey legs which I used to make soup with, white sauce mushrooms and a crust and I will have a turkey pie.  You are all probably sick of turkey by now but as we didn't have one for christmas we are not sick of the sight of it yet.

Anyway what ever I am going to do I had better get on with it or I will still be sitting here at lunch time.  Have a good day all -OMG here come the wet ones!!!!
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