Monday morning

Good morning all, yesterday was miserable and wet it poured hard most of the evening but has fortunately stopped now. Oh dear split infinitive I think for the grammar people.  Should read has stopped  now fortunately!!!  I have to use the famous star trek phrase to check "to boldly go" and all that.  As it is first thing on a Monday morning and I am only just awake what can you expect.  I was watching a video on the net last night of a senator in the USA having a real go at Trump I only hope plenty more follow his lead.  The man is a megalomaniac narcissist and if he trusts Putin he is also very naive.  I hope Mrs. May has the sense to stitch him up like a kipper.  Well thats my political stance made clear.  Now on to more interesting things.  The painter is here already and making a start on the banisters and I am going to be delighted to have them done as they have been a mess for some time.  

I managed to have a long chat with my sister via facetime which of course is much cheaper than the phone.  We have have agreed that on balance it is better that I drive to her house straight from the plane which lands at 9.30 pm.  She feels that there will be little or no traffic on the roads at that time which gives me room to make mistakes.  The only problems with a hire car is that other drivers don't know you are a foreigner.  I would like a couple of GB plates so they realise I dont know what I am doing.  I always give a bit of leeway to foreigners in this country as they are not sure what they are doing or are lost.  As you can imagine we get quite a lot of them as I live halfway between Dover and London.  

Dan is fully recovered from his day of exertion and I haven't told him he is going again tomorrow if it it is dry. If it is pouring then I am not going, there is a limit as to how much I am prepared to put up with for his benefit.  I was restocking the hunting bag yesterday and he went mad as he thought we were going again.  For dogs this is christmas and birthday rolled into one.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much is pure instinct.  Sandie feels he is a very good dog and worth training to do the job properly so I may well look at a summer of training.   

I rang my friend Elaine and asked her if she would like the two pheasants so she is going to come over on Wednesday to help me prepare them.  I like to hang them for a couple of days but not until they are high.  Cooking pheasant is difficult as it is a very dry meat if you get it wrong.  However if you keep it at 65 degrees the meat stays tender and moist.  Anyway all good practice for her as she is a very keen cook.  A water bath is perfect for this then once cooked they just need browning in some butter.  Anyway all good fun.

Now I need to get my act together as I have a hair appointment this morning and am hoping for a miracle.  Sadly there is not much you can do about the face even if the hair is great.  At the moment my fringe keeps falling in my eyes and is driving me mad.

I have no idea what we are going to have for lunch so a trip to the freezer is in order where I will hope for inspiration.  Yesterdays washing up is piled in the sink as Denzil didn't get home until midnight so everything got dumped.

Have a good day all and if you are not too squeamish here is a photo of Dans spoils:

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