Monday morning

Good morning all, early start today.  Another perishing cold morning and still pitch black outside.  I am not going to hang around long as it is freezing.  The radio thing arrived yesterday and James took it straight to Smiths and got it posted.  Sadly the postage cost almost twice as much as the item, however if it gets there I will be happy.  I set to and made a pot of bolognese which I will divide up and freeze today.  I also made a Spanish egg dish for supper with tons of paprika and red peppers, very nice with lots of bread.

Next door the dogs are barking as usual, however the owner seem to be oblivious to the row.  If it were my dogs I would be mortified however mine aren't left outside in all weathers with nothing but a wooden box for a home.

I seem to get through most of the day feeling not too bad but come early evening I go down hill rapidly.  This sinusitis is taking forever to clear I suppose that is due to my aging immune system.  Everything takes longer these days.

Today I have a big pile of laundry to process and then I was going to make a start on clearing some of the cupboards in the garage.  I have jars of assorted jams and jellies that are never going to be eaten so the need disposing of.  Do I throw them away full or empty them first?  If I empty them it will be a big task, but then I can dispose of the jars in the glass recycle.  They have been sitting out in the garage for years and years. Time to go!

Well I am getting very cold and am going to scuttle back to my warm bed.  The dogs have given up barking so now is the time to try for some more sleep.

Have a lovely day whatever you have planned.
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