Monday morning

Good morning all. Like Joy I am up late this morning because firstly I couldn't get to sleep to start with then I woke at 4am as usual but I put myself back to bed and managed to doze off again.  I hate having my nights chopped up but I guess this is something to do with my great age!!!  

Yesterdays lunch was anything but traditional I did the mackerel with gremolata and served them with a massive salad of mixed everything I could find.  All helped down with some hot crusty ciabatta rolls straight from the oven.  Not the usual but very nice anyway and for supper we kept the fish theme and had some coquille st. Jacques that Denzil had acquired in the post christmas sell off at his work.

Tubby was under the weather and didn't eat at all yesterday but has made rather a pig of himself lately so perhaps he was having a fasting day.  He didn't seem to be ill in any noticeable way so hopefully he was just off colour or maybe fed up as he didn't get a good walk.

I rang Sandy to tell her of my car woes only to find she was in the same boat someone had run into her car and smacked it into the house wall.  Spooky!!!!  Anyway no one was hurt so it is just bent metal and inconvenience.  I am going to ring the garage today as I would like an estimate of the cost of the repairs and some sort of idea how long they will take. 

On today's menu I have veal kidneys. Do I do them with mustard sauce or deviled or with cream and sherry?  Which ever way I chose we will be having them with rice and some vegetable that is beginning to look sorry for itself.  Salad is out as I gave that a caning yesterday but I have various other things I could use.  I was watching Rick Stein in Bologna and was interested to see flat green beans lightly dipped in tempura batter and deep fried, known as fish from the garden!!! I could do that but I hate deep frying as the whole house stinks thereafter.  Anyway I have plenty of options so time will tell which I choose.  Much will depend on how lazy I feel.  I have the remains of a huge bunch of parsley and rather than watch it die I thought I might make a parsley sauce which will freeze.  I have some leeks just begging to be wrapped in ham and a pancaked then covered in a rich cheese sauce.  Oh dear, I am not short of ideas just the will to do these things.  I think I have just shot myself in the foot, I can't complain that I spent the day hoovering!!!! So far I haven't run the battery flat and I have done the whole house.

Well one thing is for certain sitting here scribbling will not get anything done so I had better close and get moving.  Have a good day all it looks like an indoor day here!!!
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