Monday morning

Good morning all, I think the sofa bed is a success as the occupants are still happily sleeping in it.  Actually as we made the bed up last night we realised just how huge it is when in bed form and a good job I went for king size everything.  

Breakfast interlude: toast, boiled duck eggs and coffee.

Ok, all fed and watered and on their way to avoid the traffic.  Plenty of food left so no problems for lunch I still have the kate and sidney [sorry steak and kidney] can't resist a bit of cockney rhyming slang from time to time. I have lentils left which I think will go in the freezer for some other time as they will be useful as an added vegetable.

It is freezing cold and the cars are covered in frost but Denzil is just taking the dogs for a run and retrieving our landrover from miles down the road.  Parking here is a total nightmare victorian houses are nice with large rooms and high ceilings  but they have no provision for cars.  Yes I do have a garage but it is so small that though you could get a car in it you couldn't open the doors and would have to climb out through the sun roof.

The cotechino went down well and I think as Henry was feeling a bit under the weather with his cold it was a nice comforting meal and easy to eat no fiddling required, in fact, a spoon would do.

Plan for today:- Lots of loud music and a quietly potter about sorting out the debris.  This is work I never mind as I so enjoy having people to stay.  I was worried that my mash pots would turn to glue but apparently cooking the spuds without salt mitigates that problem.  Anyway I cooked the spuds and left them to dry off in their steam then put them through the ricer and let them go cold.  To reheat I just brought some milk, butter, salt a pepper to the boil chucked it in and beat it over a low flame and all was well.  This is a double good thing, not only where they ready quickly but they were reduced in calorific value as the starch in potatoes convert to one we have difficulty in digesting once they have gone cold so, Yes I ate twice as much as I should. Lovely!!!!

Have a  smashing day and if you are lucky enough to have some sunshine [we have] enjoy.............
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