Friday Morning

Good morning all it is cold, cold, cold this morning we didn't get above freezing yesterday.  Now that my car is back I feel less trapped however I am waiting for a delivery this morning.  In my bid to eat less meat but better quality I have placed an order with the alternative meat company which is due to arrive this morning.  The meat is not cheap but also not off the wall expensive and they have some of the more interesting cuts.  So on today's menu we will be having mangalitsa pig shoulder steaks.  I had never heard of these pigs but apparently their fat contains omega 3.  They are the craziest looking pigs ever as they look like sheep.  Anyway, I will let you know what I think of the meat.

The delivery is due before 12 midday so it should be in time to cook for lunch.  Leeks and potatoes to accompany I think so I will get that lot prepared in anticipation.

I need to make a few appointments this morning as I have rather let myself go. My hair looks worse than Dans and my nails also need to be done again as they have grown out a lot.  Apparently nails grow at 3mm per month with the index finger growing slightly faster.  What a mine of useless information I am!!!

I went all the way to Faversham yesterday and bought a few bits and bobs - artisan bread and some osso bucco, which you rarely see, but guess what I forgot COFFEE which was the reason for trip in the first place.  Oh well, it is an excuse to go back again one day next week. Interestingly there was a couple in the queue in front of me who have come from Wales and were stocking up.  Apparently they always fit in a trip to MackNades when they visit this area.   I believe this very cold weather is set in for some time so time for the thermal underwear.  Many years ago I bought some silk long johns and they are the business as jeans are not warm at the best of times.

Oh great meat has arrived so I can have a shower now - I didn't dare until the parcel arrived as you know what would happen!!!!  Have a great day all.  I will let you know what the meat is like tomorrow.
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