Friday morning

Good morning all, well nothing much happen yesterday my sinuses are gradually getting better but it is a slow old haul.  The weather is clear but very cold however my sister is having a horrid time with 5 feet of snow and no electricity since Monday.  Her mobile had just enough power left to say she was ok after the aftershocks and avalanche once the signal was restored.  I tend to forget that there are still some pretty rural areas  where things take a bit longer to fix.

The car is due back on Tuesday by which time I hope to be back up and running.  Cooking is a bit of a chore as I feel very nauseated much of the time.  Today I have some stewing venison which shouldn't take me long to prepare.  Then it can sit in the oven till done and I have already prepared some cabbage and carrots to go with it.  I may do some mash as well.

I thought I might make a pepper tomato and egg dish for supper but we will have to wait and see how I get on today.

Keep yourselves warm and cosy in the interim.
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