Friday Morning

Disappointed, yes it snowed but just enough to be a nuisance and not enough to be fun.  It rained heavily for most of the day but eventually turned to snow around 5pm just as Denzil was setting off for his shift.  However, it soon stopped giving us just a coating.  Not enough for winter fun of snowballs and snowmen sledges etc but enough to make driving difficult.  There's just no pleasing some people!!!! Tubby and Dan were fascinated as neither of them have ever seen snow before. Tubby came racing in through the dog flap and discovered he had completely lost traction did a 360 crashing into his stainless steel bowl sending it flying as he slithered across the kitchen on his bum. Dan was more cautious and tested the snow out for its culinary value, bland and boring not worth eating!!!

We are just a fraction above freezing this morning but much of the snow has already fallen from the trees so it is not that lovely winter wonderland you hope to see.  Anyway they have forecast more snow for a couple of hours this morning so we may yet get enough to play in.

Yesterday a pile of forms arrived from the solicitors which need signing in front of a witness and then we have two estate agents coming to value the house - personally I think it is ridiculous as we are not selling are not liable for capital gains tax or inheritance tax so what is it for? In my limited experience estate agents undervalue property so as to make for a quick sale and money in the bank for them.  I have always tacked on a good chunk to their price when selling and have always got what I asked for despite their protestations. So their valuation was a nonsense.  In my bigoted mind estate agents, second hand car and insurance salesmen come in the same category, not trustworthy. Now I would trust my life to my fishmonger who is as honest as the day is long and has never led me astray.

Nuisance calls have slowed down as I have re-registered with the telephone preference service which apparently you have to do annually.  The few that have got through have been informed that they are in contravention of British Law at which point the phone goes dead.  I sincerely hope that this is the end of the constant stream of calls which seem to emanate from the bottom of a well in calcutta. I feel sorry for the folks who have to make the calls to earn a living they must get a lot of abuse from irritated people.

Yesterdays lunch of a rainbow salad and yet more pigs in blankets went down well and supper was a chicken enchilada - today we will be having the steak and kidney with mash and spinach and supper will be eggs in some form or another.  

I love my new hoover and yes I am much more inclined to use it that the old plug in version.  Quick easy and light what more do you want!!! If you have thoughts of getting one then now is the time while they are on special offer otherwise they are very pricey.  Today I am going to throw out my brooms and dustpan and brush they have become redundant.  This will clear a bit of space so I can fill it with some other junk.  Is this perpetual motion out with the old and in with the new :)

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